The Rings of Love – Mandala of Love

Mandala - Rings of Love

Mandala – Rings of Love

I have made a Mandala, as I promised, as a special dedication to Wink and all those who feel alone and lost even though they are surrounded by others and everything…

It is a design by Wink. She seems to have loved experimenting with Mandalas. It is one of the simplest she has, so I decided to start there. As the design was simple, it sometimes did feel monotonous to me. If it was not for the fact that  I was changing colours, I would have given up in frustration as I love more challenging designs or self designed things that I can change as and when creativity bursts out of me. It turned out really well and I added my own little touch (very like me) by including some beads on the border ring. Am happy about it and will use it on a special day very very soon…

I found out about Wink on another blog by MissNeriss:

And you can see how loved and creative Wink was on her blog:

It turns out that we live with friends and family around us all the time and sometimes the signs are there that something is not totally right. Unfortunately, by the time we fully realise that something is really really wrong and we need to do something extra to save the situation, our loved one has already decided to chose the dark path called suicide. Am not talking only about Wink, but about all the people we have lost – I know a few others.

Suicide has been with humankind for a long long time. It is there in medieval forklore; It is there in the testaments; It is there in ancient history and It is there in recent history. It is still with us and we have not yet found a way to cure it.

Most of the time, the people that chose it are very creative and are truly truly loved. But what is it about that love that does not seem to penetrate into the being..? Have we become aloof in love? How do we express love to those around us? How do we make someone feel worthy of love and deserving in life..? How do you help someone love themselves in a good way?

I know it is not only the use of the words ‘I love you’. It comes in bucket-loads from little things that you say and do to little things that you do not say or do. But it does also depend on the person and/or persons and how they feel about expressing themselves.

I do not know if I can suggest a cure, but I do know that we need to cherish those we love each and every second, minute, day and time that we are alive in this universe. It will still come to the point of dust-to-dust, but let the final dust be due to its official expiration date and not due to a lack of love, because ME and YOU can give love.

Have a LOVING day!

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