John o’ Groats, Scotland

Scotland - John O' Groats

Scotland – John o’ Groats

The most northernmost edge of the UK MAINLAND…?

Lots of people travel to Scotland and visit John o’ Groats.

Some of them are still disillusioned that they have just visited the Northernmost part of the UK (United Kingdom) island. 

Fact is, John o’ Groats is just one of the northernmost inhabited tips of the British island (comprising of Scotland, England and Wales). 

Groups of people or individuals organise walking trips, cycling trips etc from John o’ Groats (north-easternmost tip) to Lands End (south-westernmost tip); for fun, charity etc.

The title for most northernmost part of the British mainland goes to a less known location called Dunnet Head. 

It’s a little more difficult to get there, but the visit is well worth the round trip if you want to gloat that you have visited the most northernmost point in the UK.

 Scotland - Caithness: Dunnet Head

Scotland – Caithness: Dunnet Head

Near the lighthouse there, there is an abandoned  fortification that was built to protect the naval base during WW II. The hill at Dunnet Head was used as a monitoring station for radio navigation during the war. It also housed a radar station and bunker for Royal Observer Corps during the Cold War. 

Scotland - Caithness: Dunnet Head Lighthouse

Scotland – Caithness: Dunnet Head Lighthouse

Take some time and visit it one day.

Titbit: The O in o’ Groats is allegedly written properly with a small ‘o’ so as not to be confused with the local names (mainly Irish). The name John o’ Groats is alleged to have originated from a Dutchman called Jan de Groote who was the first to receive a grant for and provide a ferry service between the Scottish mainland and Orkney Island. 

Happy Travelling & Wish List Ticking! 

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